The American Guild of Organists ratified a petition and granted the formation of the Worcester Chapter on March 14, 1949. This resulted from the initiative of eight Worcester organists. Officers elected were Frederick Kinsley, Dean; Clifford Fowler Greene, Sub-Dean; Bertis H. Adams, Secretary; Luke H. Richard, Treasurer; Arvid C. Anderson, Auditor. Over the years, Worcester AGO has been honored to host some of the most important organists and organ scholars of the 20th century, including Virgil Fox (1955 & 1957), Pierre Cochereau (1957 & 1967), Daniel Pinkham (1968), Jean Langlais (1969), Marie-Madeleine Duruflé (1993), Olivier Latry (1998), Carol Williams (2012), Hector Olivera (2014), and Peter Richard Conte (2016).

Worcester, Massachusetts is hailed both as the “heart of the Commonwealth” and the “pipe organ capital of New England”. Our central location and status as the second largest city in New England makes us easily accessible by road and by air. One of our most notable venues, Mechanics Hall, also boasts one of our most notable instruments: the “Worcester Organ”, E & GG Hook Opus 334 from 1864, the oldest unaltered four-manual pipe organ in the Western hemisphere (in its installation site). This instrument, and  many dozens others throughout the city and in the surrounding Worcester County, continue to be a vital part of worship services, concerts, and ceremonies throughout the year. We are commited to providing support for these instruments and the many organists, amateur and professional, who bring their music to life.



The last few years have seen a resurgence in our activity as a chapter, and we don’t anticipate things slowing down as Worcester undergoes drastic and exciting changes. Our first Bach-a-Thon held at Trinity Lutheran Church in 2019 attracted performers and music-lovers from across Massachusetts, bringing in $2,500 for St. John’s Food for the Poor. The Will Sherwood Organ Scholarship program enables local students to study with a teacher of their choice and to participate as a member of the Guild. 

We hope that you will join us in promoting organists and their instruments here in Worcester!


1949-1952 Frederick Kinsley
1952-1955 Clifford F. Green
1955-1956 Richard Taylor
1956-1957 Henry Hokans
1957-1958 Luke Richard
1958-1960 Irene Burnham
1960-1962 Alan D. Walker
1962-1964 Norman J. Roy
1964-1966 Barclay Wood
1966-1968 LeRoy K. Hanson
1968-1970 Douglas S. Risner
1970-1972 William E. Nierintz, ChM
1972-1974 Judith Jepson
1974-1975 Robert C. Dickinson
1975-1977 Rev. Donat Lamothe, a.a.
1977-1979 Stephen E. Long
1979-1980 Joyce Hokans
1980-1982 Gilbert H. Lay
1982-1984 Joseph R. Policelli, ChM, MM
1984-1986 Richard F. Jones, BA, MDiv
1986-1988 Lucia Clemente-Falco, CAGO
1988-1989 Stephen E. Long
1989-1990 Michelle Graveline, AAGO, DMA
1990-1991 Richard F. Jones
1991-1994 John Da Silva, AAS, BBA
1994-1996 Joseph R. Policelli, ChM, MM
1996-1998 Patricia Snyder, DMA
1998-2000 Malcolm Halliday, FAGO
2000-2002 Sean Redrow, DMA
2002-2004 Marjorie Ness, DMA
2004-2008 Frank Corbin, DMA
2008-2010 Ronna (Archbold) Davis, M.Ed.
2010-2018 Will Sherwood, ChM, AAGO
2018-2020 Mark Mummert
2020-pres Jonathan Bezdegian, DMA