AGO Worcester Wishlist

Last Updated 9/2/10

Worcester AGO has had a rich history and active membership in our 62-year history. We are proud of the contributions throughout the years of folks like you who have offered their time and talents as well as financial support to promote the good word of organs and organists to our colleagues and the Central Massachusetts area.

More than ever before, we are presented with important and interesting volunteer opportunities for AGO members (or anyone!) to help with the ongoing work of the chapter in implementing our chapter initiatives.   “Post it(on our wishlist) and they’ll volunteer” is our hope for filling these needs. Here are some typical generic roles that might resonate for how you can contribute:

  • Network or share information or offer a connection based on information or acquaintences that you know. A simple email in response could go a long way to achieving one of our goals.
  • Assist in an existing effort – donate an hour or two (on the phone, in person, on the web/email) to fill a need.
  • Lead an effort – contribute your organizational skills to carve out the steps to achieve success for a given project.
  • Offer your skills and talents that will provides th knowhow to accompish the tasks ahead of us.
  • Offer moral support and cheerleading. Send a thank-you or a note of encouragement.

This page serves as a kind of “switchboard” or “dating service” to connect needs with people and solutions and resources. Join us to bridge these gaps!



One-Time Individual WorkerBee Efforts (Some tasks are ongoing but you can sign up for just one time!)

  • Events/Concerts (ex: 9/26 Opening Festival Service)
    • Hand out programs (usher)
    • Serve Punch at reception
    • Sit at table to collect money for selling CDs and Books
    • Be a greeter to mingle and introduce new members.  For instance, spot someone new and find out 1-2 facts about them and then introduce them to someone and convey those facts as a conversation starter.
    • Help with specific logistical efforts. Ex: 9/26  headshot photography name taker (so we can know who’s who in the pictures)
  • Be on call to do 15-minute tasks that are web-related (look up some lists on Google), or Microsoft Word/Excel related (combine some lists), etc.
  • Provide a few dozen cookies (along with others) for an event – it’d be great to have a list of people who would be willing to be asked (they can say no for specific events).  Ex: Make several quickbread (banana, zuchini, etc.) and freeze them and have them ready (or keep them in the coordinator’s freezer) for use at a “next” event. (How easy can that be?!)
  • Make a few phone calls for a particular initiative/event
  • Collect and sort RSVPs for an event (via email)


Networking: Do You Know Someone?  Do you have Connections?  Call in some favors!

  • Donated Gift Certificates: Do you know a local business who could offer a gift certificate? (in the range of $25-100) to offer as prizes for various promotions/contests within our membership from time to time
    Businesses might include:

    • local music businesses (Union, Kurlan, Robinson, G Paul, French — we need connections!)
    • Music score vendors (Lois Fife, etc.) (Cliff Hill Music has already agreed- it was a simple question and he said yes immediately)
    • local music groups/series (Music Worcester, Hanover, Worc Chorus, Salisbury, Assabet Valley, Worc Chamber, etc.) for the purpose of donations of gift certificates or tickets
    • other business willing to donate  (for instance, bookstores or dunkin donuts gift cards).
    • Please ask those with whom you do business to donate a gift certificate – it’s simple: Adapt this phrase or make up your own:
      “Would you consider offering a $25 or $50 gift certificate to be used
      by the Worcester AGO to promote its membership (or other) goals?
      You will receive implicit advertising because of the publicity
      surrounding the various chaper initiatives.”
  • Anyone know a liaison or connection for:
    • Hanover Theater Pipe Organ project
    • Worc AUD Kimball Pipe Organ status (via the City of Worc)
    • OHS Organ Database Project
  • We’re looking for a local business who would offer a small discount or coupon as a reward for our next membership drive – we want to have an incentive to offer our earlybird renewing members to renew prior to a certain date (in order to save us tens of hours of volunteers’ phone calls)


Project Leaders for Initiatives – raise your hand to take on an effort (we can help with ideas and guidance, just need some legwork)

  • TAO Magazine “recylcing” initiative – connect stacks of old magazines that people don’t want with others (especially students!) who do.
  • Worcester Cultural Coalition collaboration volunteers needed for events – connect with other musicians and artists in the community! Examples: stART, Canalfest, Main South Celebrates.
  • Organ Specs database – collect and enter organ specs (a.k.a. organ registry)
  • Placements/Substitutes collaborative – network with neighboring chapters to pool information for a regional database of musicians availability and search by churches. (See sample (nonfunctional) sub search form)
  • Elder buddy: befriend elderly AGO members (Ronna’s newsletter delivery-buddy idea),  engage experience help from elders (perhaps similar in concept to “SCORE“(senior core of retired executives) – no pun intended for the music overlap of their acronym!)
  • Serve on various chapter committees. See: We have about 20 openings!
  • Chapter Social Networking – WorcAGO Facebook page, or initiative to get Worc member to join the Natl LinkedIn AGO group (it’s free!)
  • TAO Chapter Events – contributor and/or photographer to write 2-3 sentences and send to our coordinator
  • Chapter Historian – add to history list that stopped around year 2000; organize archives
  • Membership coordinator – encourage membership to invite colleagues/neighbors/enthusiasts to concerts/programs, and hopefully lead them to become members.
    See idea list resource: 100 Ways to Encourage…Membership
  • Carpool/RideSharing/Shut-in Coordinator -  Be a Matchmaker to connect those in need with those who are driving – save on gas. We organized by zipcode to minimize time and gas!
  • Coordinate donated music scores
  • Manage a used score sales initiative to raise money for the chapter.


Material Needs


OnGoing Opportunities to Donate Money
Consider a donation in memory of, or in honor of someone special to you.

  • Scholarship Fund.