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With tons of gratitude to Richard Konzen – see his full PDF report

Of course, a google search can yield hidden gems of varying/unpredictable quality.

  • (free PDF) THE ART OF TRANSCRIBING FOR THE ORGAN, by Herbert Ellingford (1876-1966) This venerable book is subtitled “A complete Textbook for the Organist in Arranging Choral and Instrumental Music,” and it really delivers on this. My restoration is of the original publication, complete with every musical example cleaned and restored for viewing on portable reading devices.




  • (HYMN) Hymnary - Hymn text and tune resources (including purchase of “flex” scores (transposable, lead sheets, etc.) (program notes, bios, etc.)


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  • Cliff Hill Music (20% off most titles- choral, organ; individualized customer service/recommendations, very knowledgeable) (a WorcAGO Sponsor!) 800-819-8772

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